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Hi. I am a senior software engineer working at AT&T in New Jersey and a Masters student of Computer Science at UIUC. I have done my Bsc. from Lahore University of Management Sciences, from Pakistan.
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I love playing flute. Mostly learnt it on my own. Got tips from a local folk flute player in Pakistan.  I am a great fan and player of cricket as well. Stamp collecting used to be my once upon a time hobby.  I spend some time programming or making robots. Check out the Aibo and my robots page.   The Trip New York.
My father is a petroleum engineer and he works in Islamabad. What ever I have achieved till today is all because of my fathers support, and his will to get and opt for the best for me. My mother is a bachelors in economics, but she prefers to be a house wife.  My brother is done his A Level from The City Scool, and he will be joining AIR university. He's pretty good at games and a fantastic painter and artist.

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My wife and I ! We got married on 19th June 2001.
And in Feb 2003 we had a baby girl Sabah.
If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple we could'nt

Life is like bein' on a mule team. Unless you're the lead mule, all the scenery looks about the same.

It is better to never have tried anything than to have tried something and failed
-motto of jerks,weenies and loosers everywhere

Patience is a bitter plant but it grows sweet fruit.
* Find link on DMOZ (Open Directory Project)
Sun Cert.  Java Programmer. Masters UIUC. Over 7 years of OOD/OOP experience.  Currently working as a Software Engineer for  AT&T.

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