Tammy (Aibo ERS-7).
Meet Tammy. This is my Aibo ERS-7 manufactured by Sony. What does Aibo mean?

Aibo is derived from the words "AI", and roBOt. Also in Japanese, "aibo" means "companion" or "pal".

Read the
Aibo site for technical specifications. In short it has 20 DOF, 576 MHz 64 Bit Risc Processor, 64 MB internal memory, audio input, audio output, camera, distance sensors, paw sensors and body sensors, acceleration sensors, wireless connectivity, LEDs and comes with a self charging energy station.
Tammy the Aibo
Aibo is a great tool for robotics research because it can be programmed. Sony provides 3 different development kits for aibo available at the OPENR website.
R-Code SDK: is a scripting language for robot hobbyist to write fun routines for aibo. For hobbyists.
Aibo Remote Fraemwork: is a Visual C++ API for writing PC based wireless applications for Aibo for ERS-7.
OPEN-R SDK: Is the API which provides user to programme at the joint level and sensor level. It exposes OPEN-R api of system layer. It is a cross development enviornment based on gcc (C++). For serious programmers.
Motion Editor:
Graphical tool to create motion files. Skitter can also do that.
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