Job or Study? Masters or Phd ?

Some of the most crucial decisions near or after graduation, is what to do? Nobody seems right and nobody seems wrong.  Future seems to be a cloud of uncertainity. Am I going to make it to a good university? Am I going to find a job. Where am I going to find a job? Father thinks that Phd is a waste, put "Sir" say to  go for it.  Is Masters the solution? Or should I take a break and work for a while. Is there any other option? Is there a meaning to it? Is this all a dream? Shoot I am going crazy.

One peice at a time. Every person has a  different background and context. And the right person to make the most logical decision is the person himself. Rest, are all suggestions. My approach would be the sword and hammer. Shoot in all directions. I would'nt say you should have a good GPA, because you should have known that from before. I am talking about right now.  What ever stage of you undergraduate studies you are in, start studying for GRE right now and dont waste you summers in watching television, unless you are sure thatyour taking a break after graduating.  You need to have a plan about the timing for preparation and execution of your GRE general/subject. 

Finance, Family, Your interest, Where you want to live. Opportunities. Your bag of tricks (GPA, GRE, staement of purpose, research, TA, experience, letter of recommendations, people who have got in, people who have gone for job.